la tristesse durera
«I have put up with a great deal; I hope-yet who knows, the future may be more gentle than the past-to be able to put up wlth more without losing myself»
— S. Kierkegaard, «The Point of View for My Work as an Author »

«Invariably, what error needs most is always the Last thing it thinks of-quite naturally, for otherwise it would not, after all, be error»

«This means that the Greek mind does not have the courage to declare that a person knowingly does wrong, knows what is right and does the wrong; so it manages by saying: If a person does what is wrong, he has not understood what is right. Absolutely right. And no human being can come further than that; no man of himself and by himself can declare what sin is, precisely because he is in sin; all his talk about sin is basically a glossing over of sin, an excuse, a sinful watering down.»
— S. Kierkegaard, «The Sickness Unto Death»

«Everyone, unconditionally everyone-ifhe will unconditionally, will unconditionally hate himself, will unconditionally put up with everything, suffer everything (and everyone can indeed do that if he will)-then this something infinitely high is accessible to him. »
— S. Kierkegaard, «The Moment», no 10

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