la tristesse durera
Рабочее название этого было «Archives of Pain». К моменту завершения я не придумал лучшего.

"Everything Must Go" (1996)

«And I just hope that you can forgive us
But everything must go
— Everything Must Go

«Say you can remember say where is the tomorrow
Say where you're coming from
Say what you have left us
— Interiors (Song For Willem de Kooning)

"This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours" (1998)

«Drinking - water to stay thin
Or is it to purify
I love you all the same
— You Stole The Sun From My Heart

«But it's too late to be real
No time to be strong enough
Just time to leave it all behind
— You're Tender And You're Tired
утверждает, что песня не о нем. ну, значит, подсознание. текст слишком однозначный

— Nobody Loved You

"Know Your Enemy" (2001)

просто дохуя грустный альбом

"Lipstick Traces" (2003)

«A framed adolesence steeped in the history of you
Stopping the summer once for you
— Sepia

"Lifeblood" (2004)

«When there's time I'll read your words
There's no point disguising
You're the one who's hurt
— Fragments

«Everyone who loved you stayed waited till the end»
— I Live To Fall Asleep

«The graffiti
You left on me
Means every part
Is still bleeding
— The Soulmates

— Cardiff Afterlife

"Send Away The Tigers" (2007)

«I could have written all your lines»
— Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

"Postcards From A Young Man" (2010)

«It's what you wanted, it's what you got
Your final search for truth has stopped
— Some Kind Of Nothingness

«Born to be a communist
But then the marriage failed
As did the partnership
— Golden Platitudes

"Rewind The Film" (2013)

«So sick and so tired of being 4 real
Only the fiction still has the appeal
— Builder Of Routines

«Can you save someone from the hidden depths
Of a darkened soul with no hope left
— 3 Ways To See Despair

— As Holy As The Soil (That Buries Your Skin)

"Futurology" (2014)

«I re-imagine the steps you took
Still blinded by your intellect
— Walk Me To The Bridge

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