la tristesse durera

Tradegies came in groups of three
Poverty, envy, depression
Forget the laws, Forget the system
Who needs your clumsy confession

All the water in this world
Will not wash miasma away
You're punished because you're polluted
No point in redemption,
Furies're on their way

There's no god of healing in this story
That short skirt you saw the other day
Is going to become supreme authority
In all the years you're going to decay

Deathless gods on you TV screen
Sing the song of lies
Their voices muffle your brain
Thoughts paralyzed
Happy to buy another beer
The cost was only your mind
You're starting to like this prison
They feed you, they play you,
They make you feel right

Do you even remember your sentence?
For dullness you brought in this world?
Please make me another sandwich
This program is making me bored

Let's cheer for the war we'll never fight
Let's honor the dead we never knew
Let's fight the enemy we'll never see
Let's kill ourselves and start anew.

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